I'm Jimmy, a product designer inspired by disruption and remixing. ✌️


I’ve designed at UltraSuperNew, BlackBerry, Microsoft Garage and Xbox.

I believe that delightful experiences come from an understanding of a product’s entire system by leveraging institutional memory, and data metrics. To make this happen, I work closely with product, engineers, other designers, customers, and stakeholders.

I’m currently on the lookout for new grad opportunities. If I look like a potential fit for your team, please feel free to reach out!

Expected graduation in June 2020. View my resume


Internship | 2019

Microsoft Web Template Studio

I designed and helped develop a Visual Studio Code extension that helps developers quickly bootstrap their web application development.

Internship | 2019

Microsoft Azure PlayFab

I led the design of a new developer onboarding experience for Azure PlayFab—a platform that helps game studios more effectively build, launch and operate their games post-launch.


Internship | 2018

BlackBerry Hub+ Services

I worked on a new design system to be implemented across BlackBerry’s suite of productivity applications.

Case Study | 2018

Google Flood Help

Based on a challenge, I designed a service that helps Canadians assess their overland flood risk and navigate a sea of confusing flood insurance regulations.


After Hours 👻

Everyone has a side hustle these days. Here are some extra works from previous hackathons, internships and more.